14 Best Easter Gifts for Kids and Teens (2024)

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14 Best Easter Gifts for Kids and Teens (1)

ByDianne Bright

Updated: Apr. 10, 2024

    The Easter bunny is hopping your way! Don't miss out on our fun lineup of Easter gifts for kids of all ages.

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    From Lego sets and space-themed slime to self-care masks and adorable bunny plushy, we’ve found the best Easter gifts for kids of all ages. You might like personalized Easter gifts for a more personal touch. Or maybe you’d prefer gifts for kids from brands they already love, like Nerf, Funko POP or Adidas. No matter your gifting preference, we’ve found the best options for every kid on your list.

    Our list of the best Easter gifts for kids is based on plenty of positive reviews with a variety of price points starting at $10—with a few splurges as well. Whether you pick a stand-alone Easter gift ideas for kids and teens or add a few Easter basket stuffers, they’ll know some-bunny loves them. If you’re low on time, shop the best Easter gifts on Amazon and repurpose these Easter gift ideas for everyone in the family, along with some adult Easter basket ideas as well.

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    For tweens and teens: Coddies Sheep Slippers

    Great for older kids, tweens and teens, these handmade sheep slippers come in all—ahemsheeps and sizes. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, these adorable slippers are made from 100% New Zealand-felted sheep’s wool and Nepalese suede leather. We love that they’re made of sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes. These Easter gifts for kids of all agest are non-skid and easy to slide on, and a helpful sizing chart makes it easy when shopping for older kids, tweens and teens.

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    For the Squishmallows collector: Squishmallows Bunny

    This yellow Squishmallows Bunny is a great Easter gift idea for kids, from younger kids up to teens. This yellow bunny plushy is 15 inches tall with a cute green and white egg in the middle of the bunny’s arms. If your kid is a collector, they’ll love to squad up with this ultra-soft and lovable friend.

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    For the young puzzler: Melissa & Doug Underwater Floor Puzzle

    Safe for ages 3 and up, this floor puzzle contains 48 sturdy cardboard pieces. Your budding oceanographer will love the deep ocean scene as they learn about different kinds of fish, including jellyfish and sharks. Great for improving hand-eye coordination, puzzling also helps to strengthen problem-solving skills. Plus, it’s an ideal screen-free option for playing on their own, or for teaming up with an older sibling or parent.

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    For the little helper: Callie Custom Easter Tree Decoration

    If you’re okay with your gift not being a surprise, invite your kid to help design this Easter tree decoration with you online, or surprise them on Easter morning with a set in their favorite colors. They can help you pick up to 10 eggs personalized with their name, plus their siblings, friends or pets. This is a fantastic Easter gift for older kids who want to decorate their personal space.

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    For the Funko fan: Funko POP! Disney Toy Story 4 Bunny

    If your kid loves Disney’s Toy Story and has a growing Funko POP! collection, they’ll love this multicolored bunny-themed Funko POP! At just under 4 inches tall this bunny might never leave its box, but if they’re a collector, your kid likely has the perfect spot for this new addition. For younger kids who might actually remove the bunny from the packaging, you can put on the movie for some fun role-playing.

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    For teen girls: Otherland Daybed Candle

    Made in the USA, this spring-colored all-natural candle is the ideal Easter gift idea for teen girls. This premium hand-poured candle is made from a soy-coconut wax blend which provides up to 55 hours of burn time. The unique scent was created with inspiration from a master perfumer, combining rosebud, peony blossom and pear water. You can also build a 3-pack at a discount.

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    For the beauty maven: Pretty Animalz Facial Sheet Masks

    Ideal for exfoliating and refining pores, this set of facial sheet masks also nourishes her skin. The all-natural and chemical-free botanical extracts are safe for all skin types. She’ll love improving her skin tone and sharing the fun animal character prints on social media. Ideal for older kids, these Easter gifts for teens are also great for sharing with a friend at her next hang-out. Also, check out these Easter basket ideas that will wow your teens!

    For brick builders: Lego Creator 3-in-1 Fantasy Forest Creatures Woodland Animals Toy Set

    This adorable Lego set is ideal for ages 7 on up and is one of our favorite Easter gifts for kids. Great for boys and girls, your kid can build up to five toy animal figures, including an owl, hedgehog, deer, rabbit and squirrel. If you lose the instructions, there’s an app that helps builders visualize a digital model of their pieces. Their imagination can run wild, and these are compatible with their other Lego sets.

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    For the athlete: Adidas Starlancer V Club Soccer Ball

    With nine color options, your kid will love kicking this highly-rated Adidas soccer ball around the field or at home in the backyard. Made of soft and durable materials, this soccer ball is safe for kids of all ages and is available in three standard sizes. Note: This ball requires inflation upon arrival, and the pump is not included. (Here’s a great affordable option if you need to buy a ball pump, too!)

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    For the choc-a-holic: Cadbury Mini Eggs

    You know it’s impossible to eat just one mini Cadbury egg—but since these are minis, your teen can eat as many as they’d like guilt-free. These premium milk chocolate eggs are coated with sweet crispy shells in pastel colors, making them great for filling eggs for your Easter egg hunt. Or, you can just add a bag to your kid’s Easter basket (assuming you’re not looking for premade Easter baskets). These are also great decorative toppers for Easter cookies, pies and cupcakes.

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    For the little rocket scientist: Original Stationery Mini Galaxy Slime Kit

    Recommended for ages 7 and up, your kid will have a blast making their very own galaxy slime creation. The fun out-of-this-world mix-ins include three different inks, star-shaped glitter, glow-in-the-dark stars and powder. The black foam balls are cool, too, along with the star case for hanging in their bedroom at night. You can feel good about your junior astronaut, since this kit is 100% hypoallergenic, making these sets safe Easter gifts for kids of all ages.

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    For the epic Nerf warrior: Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster

    Great for ages 8 and up, this Nerf blaster comes with 12 darts and a rotating drum so they can blast up to six darts in a row. It has two tactical rails and attachment points for a stock and barrel if they want to customize this toy with other Nerf accessories. Designed for distance, your kid will love sending darts as far as 90 feet away. At under $10, you’ll love the price! These even work well as an Easter gift idea for teens, too.

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    For gamers: Glow in the Dark Game Controller Blanket

    No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to get your tween off-screen. This glow-in-the-dark gamer blanket is great for decorating your kid’s room or for leaving out in the game room. Plus, it’s lightweight, durable and super soft. Cool for bringing along to a sleepover, he can grab his new favorite game to match.

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    For budding royalty: Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

    Safe for ages 3 and up, your little girl will love this Easter gift for kids. Made with durable materials, this castle playhouse tent is great for indoor and outdoor use. Free of harsh chemicals and designed with safety in mind, you can feel at peace while your little princess plays for hours in her magical castle playhouse. The 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty make this a purchase you can feel good about.

    Originally Published: March 28, 2023


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    14 Best Easter Gifts for Kids and Teens (2024)


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