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With the end of the Hidden Inventory Arc and the beginning of defining the motive and ambition of Suguru Geto, Anime fans have been blessed with the onset of the famed Shibuya Incident Arc.

The 6th episode of the 2nd season revealed the mole’s identity who leaked information to Geto, who was none other than Mechamaru, a student from Kyoto Jujutsu High School.

Appearing during the Kyoto Goodwill Event at first in the form of a Mechanical Cursed Corpse, it was revealed by Utahime that his true identity is that of Kokichi Muta, a man who was born with a fragile body due to Heavenly Restriction.

He made a deal with Suguru Geto where in exchange for classified information available only to Jujutsu High, he would be granted a healthy body, which was a lifetime dream of his.

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Despite getting his body back, the motive of the mysterious Jujutsu student was solely based on the retention of his body and after gaining it back through Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration, they start fighting. We also see the victor as Mahito, but is Mechamaru actually dead? Was his reason for betrayal justified?

That is what we are going to discuss here and without further waiting, let’s jump straight into it!!

Is Mechamaru Dead?

Short answer, Yes. Mechamaru was killed by Mahito but let us lay the basic foundation of the premise.

Kokichi Muta’s Cursed Technique Puppet Manipulation allowed him to control several puppets and due to his Heavenly Restriction, his range of control reached the entirety of the city, allowing him to be an effective relayer of information if required.

He could even control smaller entities like robotic mosquitoes if he wanted to. As for his physical body, he was bedridden since birth as he was born without his right arm and had no sensation below his waist.

A deal was made between Kokichi and Suguru Geto, wherein the former would provide information to the latter and would gain a healthy body in return.

Alongside the deal made, there was also a binding vow in place wherein Mechamaru’s friends were not to be harmed. If we recall the events of the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc, it is understandable that this part of the vow was not fulfilled as the Curses did end up beating his friend Kamo and therefore, Kokichi decided to act as a double agent.

He knew Suguru had to fulfill his part of the Binding Vow and heal his body as Suguru had received his information. This led Kokichi to form a plan wherein after getting back his body, he would fight Mahito and Suguru and reveal all of their plans to Gojo Satoru.

The plans included the act of sealing Gojo Satoru on 31st October, which would act as the first step of Geto’s plan.

Kokichi was here to spoil it and he ensured that all of his time and cursed energy that he had reserved up to the present would help him during this fight. He revealed his Magnum Opus: The Ultimate Mechamaru which was fueled by the reserve Cursed Energy of 19 years and challenged Mahito to a fight.

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Ultimate Mechamaru was capable of shooting Cursed Energy in the form of destructive rays of power which was noted by Geto to be equal to a Special Grade Cursed Spirit’s attack. Although Mahito was able to dodge many of his attacks, he had another trick up his sleeve.

He constructed four tubes that were imbued with the New Shadow Style: Simple Domain. When Mahito was hit by this tube, it directly affected his soul and neutralized Idle Transfiguration. It was an effective tactic as it directly affected him.

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Even when Mahito used Self-Embodiment of Perfection, his Domain Expansion, the same tube worked as a counter as one of the few ways to protect oneself from the guaranteed hit of Domain Expansion is by using a Simple Domain.

Injecting the tube into Mahito, Kokichi believed that he had exorcised the Curse Spirit but his celebration lasted only for a few minutes as Mahito reappeared in a multi-legged form, catching him off guard. Reaching out for another tube as a last-ditch effort, he couldn’t make it in time as Mahito dealt the final blow.

Admitting the effort it took to take him down, Mahito explained that he was able to deactivate his domain and explode the very moment the Simple Domain hit and provided him a false sense of security. With this, the painful life of Mechamaru came to an end, although physically.

How Did Mechamaru Appear At Shibuya In Yuji’s Ear?

It was in chapter 90 that the Strongest Sorcerer Gojo Satoru was caught off guard by Kenjaku aka Suguru Geto, using the Prison Realm. Mechamaru had a contingency plan in action which would occur only after the sealing of Gojo.

Right after chapter 90 ends, the first panel of chapter 91 indicates a transmitting device trying to communicate with Yuji through his ear. After revealing himself to be a puppet of Mechamaru, he relayed the information that Gojo had been sealed. Mechamaru also explained how he suddenly appeared.

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Mechamaru did die on October 19 after his fight with Mahito and these puppets were a contingency plan that he had in action. He placed a puppet on Yuji as he was the least likely to be a mole.

This puppet would activate only if Gojo Satoru were sealed. To explain this phenomenon in a much better way, Reddit user u/namewithak came up with a clearer explanation:

This was a Binding Vow based on Mechamaru’s death and Gojo’s sealing. An ability to leave a sentient remnant of oneself will require an equally insane condition, such as Gojo being sealed. The Vow would only activate when the aforementioned two conditions were met and after they were met, it gave life to the puppets even after Mechamaru’s death.

Although Mechamaru placed a gamble on a highly unlikely situation, he won the bet, and this is how he was able to be the sole medium of relaying information to the Jujutsu Sorcerers, hence playing somewhat of a vital role amidst the chaos of the Shibuya Incident.


Despite being born without a normal functioning body, Kokichi Muta strived to live and walk alongside his peers. Appearing in front of everyone as Mechamaru, his Cursed Technique allowed him to control puppets, and due to Heavenly Restriction, his range reached a very large radius.

He agreed to a plan offered by Suguru Geto who would give him a proper body in exchange for information. Although initially working towards the said goal, at some point in time Mechamaru decided to act as a double agent.

Knowing the entire plan of sealing Gojo and causing havoc in the streets of Tokyo, he was determined to go and share all of it with Gojo Satoru and Jujutsu High once he got his body. Also protected by the Binding Vow, he knew that he had an advantage but Mahito’s deadly fighting style proved to be a very difficult barrier even with the technology that Kokochi had developed over the years.

Even his nineteen years’ worth of reserve Cursed Energy was not enough to take him down.

Despite dying before being able to relay any information, he had a contingency plan in mind in which he planted a puppet inside Yuji’s ear sometime in the past and the puppet would only activate if Mechamaru were to die and Gojo were to be sealed. Gambling on a very low chance of success, it was eventually met and it allowed him to relay information about Gojo’s sealing.

What do you think? What was Mechamaru’s potential as a Jujutsu Sorcerer? Was his sacrifice worth it? Do let us know in the comments below.

Shoutout to Reddit user u/namewithak for his helpful explanation!

Did Mechamaru Die In Jujutsu Kaisen? - Animehunch (2024)


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