Simple Braised Potatoes Recipe (2024)



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These great potatoes have become a staple at our house. The basic recipe is really good (I do add more garlic.)

But it's a fun one to play with, too. I've used leeks or red onions for some color. Duck fat makes it heavenly. It works well with so many other seasonings: paprika, lemon pepper, cumin, Moroccan spices, endless possibilities.

And always make more than you need for dinner. Leftovers are for breakfast with poached or fried eggs. Breakfast doesn't get better than that!


This resulted in too much liquid. I suggest using only 2/3 of what's used here.

My dear mother and her mother who grew up in Southwest Louisiana cooked these (without garlic or suggested herbs) but called them "parsley potatoes" as they added plenty of fresh chopped parsley. Do not cover and add water (or broth) only as needed. Type of broth gives different taste - all good.

Road Cook

The comments are hilarious. Southerners have been cooking potatoes like this all my life...and I'm old.


Add white wine and lemon to the braising liquid...just trust me on this!!


I made these potatoes last week. I used duck fat and homemade stock. The potatoes were outstanding alongside some pork tenderloin and roasted beets.The real fun began with the leftover potatoes. Later in the week I heated some oil in a pan, added some leftover potatoes and “squished” them to a flat pancake form. Cooked to a crisp, flipped crisped up the other side and covered with a sunny side up egg from my chickens. This recipe goes up to my number 2 all time favorite potatoes recipe.


Just clicked on it, so haven't made it yet... Looks good and simple. Just to respond to the 1st comment: I don't think it would be too much liquid. It's meant to be simmered uncovered for 30 minutes. If covered, YES, it would be too much.


Very lovely, simple, satisfying dish! I used about 1 1/2 cups of chicken broth. I cooked them in a large cast iron skillet. I think it depends mostly on the type and depth of skillet or pot you use. Just mind the instruction to have the stock barely cover potatoes and you've set.


Huge favorite! I’ve tried various potatoes. Yukon Gold are ideal for this, both in terms of flavor and structural integrity.

Norah Robb

These are Scottish stovies. Even better when the fat used is left over from the Sunday roast.


Be careful on salt; between the stock and salt added to the potatoes, I inadvertently made it too salty. Next time I will not add salt until the end, if needed. Added extra garlic and thyme and will again the next time I make it.


Have been doing this since I first married and was not much of a cook back then, thought it up as easy and used parsley as my herb of choice.It is still one of our favorite ways to have potatoes, something very fresh and summer-like about them in my mind.These days I often use tiny potatoes of all colors, fingerlings ,get the same results.I could literally make a total meal of them.It is important to let the liquid reduce considerably, the potatoes absorb the broth and drizzle with a bit of EVOO


I also feared it would be too much liquid, so I started with 1 cup. When that dried out but the potatoes weren't quite done, I splashed on just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and keep them from burning. (I kept the lid on my pan). When that liquid was absorbed, they were done. It was a simple and tasty recipe.


We loved these potatoes. Simple, tasty, and kid friendly which makes this a winner in our house. I think two cups of broth is just about right. I added a little extra to make sure they were just barely covered and that ended up being slightly too much. Still turned out delicious.

Edwin Carrington

I love this ! And all your comments are fun! Yes it's an old recipe but it's deliscious. Growing up in Brasil and Costa Rica they make this with a bit of "achiote" or tomato paste if you can't find that and cook them very slow. We add meat to it, nice chunks of beef mixed in with a nice salad and a cold beer!!! Mmmmmmm (easy to make too)

bob lafferty

outstanding. smallest white new spuds, homemade chicken stock. seems impossible to screw up. also; prepped spuds, onions, garlic with Duck fat. used thyme. did not cover spuds, bathed them. side dish to baked cod and tomatoes and shallots

John M.

Simple and delicious way to fix potatoes. I used Wirecutter recommended Imagine Low Sodium Chicken Broth (best I've ever used!) and aside from doubling the garlic, I made the recipe as written using a cast iron skillet. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bittman. Finally, a recipe I can memorize.


I'm not sure why, but this dish simply didn't excite even though I added additional garlic. I'll try again, but next time I think I'll take Karyn's advice and add wine and lemon juice.....and probably a handful of chopped, fresh herbs.

Erin M

Delicious. Exactly what we hoped for from a braised potato dish. I will try the lemon+white wine recommendation next time. I used fresh oregano because that's what I had. Turned out lovely.

Ann Grant

Seemed like too much liquid, so I reduced it and cooked with the lid off, as others have suggested. Used dry vermouth to deglaze the pan before adding chicken broth. Seasoned with savory from the garden and a little ground pepper. Perfect for me recovering from an extracted tooth rather than potato salad--any kind of acid stings!.

Moira H.

Really delicious. Cooked frozen peas in the remaining liquid which gave them a sauce too. It’s clearly a technique that can be applied to a lot of different vegetables, which was probably Bittman’s point. A great new addition to my cooking education.


Maybe I cut the slices too large but these took forever to cook and I wasn’t wowed by them. A fine dish but not one worth repeating.


Made this for a family dinner and my daughter and son-in–law, both super-tasters, loved it. My daughter described it as "delicious with an amazing depth of flavor."


My mother called these watered potatoes. She would use bacon fat, onions, and water. So simple and delicious.


Made this exactly as written and it was absolutely perfect. Looking forward to to playing with different spices and broths, and wine, too!


Potatoes stuck on bottom of pan very quickly, so then I added the stock to loosen them up and everything turned to mush. The taste was good but it did not look appetizing.


Seasoning your braising liquid of choice with generous salt during the braising/simmering phase is hugely important. While the dish came out as expected (and great, btw!) it definitely needed salt and, unfortunately, salting after doesn’t allow for the salt to be absorbed into the potatoes.


Great recipe! I did need to add a lot more of salt to get it there though. I doubled the amount of garlic and found that using the full 2 cups of chicken broth did the trick. Needed to simmer for 45 minutes rather than 30. Would definitely make again!

Sylvia Flores

This is a great recipe - like other comments, I would also cut the recipe down 2/3s. I had rainbow potatoes, and it took about 45 minutes versus 30. I used bacon fat, an entire head (large!) of garlic, Walla Walla onion, and fresh Thyme with chicken bone broth. I wanted to keep it simple, but I love SonomaSMB's commentary on the additional spices additions. Cumin would be divine!


Good but not great. Followed the recipe exactly. We felt that it needed more flavor - I think that whatever your favorite herbs and/or spices are should be added generously to give this some personality. Also need to cut back the liquid - maybe a cup and a half instead of 2 cups of broth.

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Simple Braised Potatoes Recipe (2024)


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