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Turning 21 years old for your daughter is a huge milestone! They are transforming from a teenager into an adult and are no longer dependent on their parents. I know they will forever be your baby girl but it’s time to let go of them a little so they can begin their adulthood. Being such an important day in their life, it’s a good idea to give you 21 year old daughter a special gift to commemorate such a big day! So don’t worry, here is a list of some special 21st birthday gifts for daughter that you can get some inspiration from…hopefully you’ll find something here they’ll like!

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Best 21st Birthday Gifts from Parents

Celebrate your daughter’s 21st birthday in style with these amazing gift ideas, she’ll be so thrilled to get them!

1. Eurail Pass

One of the best gifts you can give your daughter who’s turning 21 is a Eurail Pass! Whether she does a solo trip or plan it with her friends, it’s a great way to explore Europe by train and for her to learn to be independent as she becomes an adult. There are several passes to choose from but I would suggest the Global Pass as it allows her to travel to 33 countries in Europe. You can select how many days to travel within a certain timespan. Best of all, you can buy it as a gift now and can be used up to 11 months later. It would be by far the most memorable gift to give her!

2. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

For the daughter who lives by herself, this single serve coffee maker from Keurig will be a hit! As she becomes an adult, the more responsibilities she’ll have to deal with which means more coffee intake! This cute coffee maker also comes in pink, red, black, and grey but you can’t go wrong with mint green!

3. Ring Light with Tripod

Is your 21 year obsessed with becoming an influencer or a TikTok star? Well then you must get them this ring light! It comes with a tripod and a wireless remote shutter so they can take videos of them with the perfect lighting! It’s probably going to be one of the most practical gifts you can give them!

4. Fossil Crossbody Handbag

Women love matching their outfits with their handbags and purses so it’s never too much to get your daughter another handbag for her birthday! This one from Fossil is cute and practical and is the perfect size to go out with. I have a similar one myself and I absolutely love it!

5. Scratch Off Map

If your daughter loves to travel, this Scratch off World Map is the ideal 21st birthday gift for her! This one comes with a map of the world, a map of United States, and scratch tool so she can scratch off all the countries she’s been to! A cool map to hang on her wall as a decorative piece but also a great reminder that the world is her playground and she has still a lot of places to explore!

6. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Your daughter will be so thrilled if you give her this memory foam bean bag chair for her bedroom or new apartment as a birthday present for her 21st birthday! With a micro fiber cover that comes in any color imaginable, she will love having this so she can read a book or work on her laptop! A fun and cool gift any 21 year old would love!

7.Laptop Bag

Whether it is for school, work, or travel, this laptop bag will come in handy one way or another, making it an amazing gift idea for your daughter’s 21st birthday! The bag is made with water-resistant material and even has RFID pockets to keep your personal ID’s safe…perfect for travelling! A very practical birthday gift for your adult daughter!

8. Audible Membership

This gift may not be for everyone but if your daughter loves to read and has a book on her all the time, then definitely consider an Audible membership for her 21st birthday! Instead of reading it, she can listen to it while doing other things like exercising, grocery shopping, or commuting, and she has access to all genres of books! She no longer needs to take her eyes off her book! You can give her 1, 3, 6, or 12 month memberships allowing them to try it out to see if they like it!

9. Rustic Jewelry Cabinet

This vintage jewelry cabinet is every women’s dream! There are tons of hooks to hang all their necklaces, a wire mesh to put all her earrings, and slots for all her rings. It also comes with an extra bar with hooks to hang more jewelry. This rustic organizer has a cute barn-style doors and will look great in any ladies’ bedroom. A cool and practical birthday gift your 21 year old daughter will surely find chic!

10. Echo

A special 21st birthday gift for your daughter you can consider getting is the Echo, the smart home system from Amazon! First of all, it streams her song by simply activating it through voice control, and the device is designed to have premium sound. She can then use Alexa to help her set alarms, reminders, make phone calls, turn off lights, and ask her any questions she may have all through voice commands. This high tech gift is a cool tool to help your daughter become an adult!

Meaningful 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

Looking for thoughtful and sentimental 21st bday gift ideas for your daughter? Hopefully these will make the cut!

11. Blanket from Mom

It’s always great to remind your daughter how much you love her and support her in whatever decisions she makes so this sherpa fleece blanket filled with words of encouragement is a beautiful gift for you to give to your daughter on her 21st birthday. This blanket will feel like getting a big hug you every time your daughter uses it. A special and meaningful gift that can be used daily, she’ll love it!

12. Table Lamp

Especially for the daughters who doesn’t live at home anymore, this unique table lamp is a great gift idea for a mother to give to her daughter! The lamp shade has a special letter written from mom so every time she comes across this, it’ll empower her to become braver and stronger. This heartwarming message detailed through a lamp is just the meaningful gift to tell your daughter how much you love her!

13. Father and Daughter Figurine

As your daughter becomes a women, it might sometimes feel that you are getting farther away from each other. Remind your daughter on her 21st birthday the special bond you, as a father, have with her by gifting her this elegant figurine of a father and daughter sitting side by side. It’ll bring back all her childhood memories and the special bond you have together.

14. Wine Glass

Your daughter is turning 21 and is legal to drink! Share with her this special moment as she drinks her first sip of alcohol in this super cool hand painted wine glass! It’s a fun piece to display on her bedside table or bookshelf and it makes a great keepsake to remind her of the special day she turned 21!

15. Memory Box

This beautifully hand-sculpted and hand-painted memory box from Willow Tree is truly a one-of-a-kind gift to share with your daughter as she turns 21! She can use this box for her every day essentials like keys and jewelry or use it to keep her most treasured memories and photographs. A sentimental gift that fits perfectly on her bedside table or her bookshelf, it’ll remind her the love and support her mom has always given her throughout the years!

16. Badass Affirmation

For your daughter who’s beginning her journey into womanhood, this book filled with positive affirmations and motivational quotes is just what she needs! It’s a great way to empower her and to help build her self-esteem every day as she becomes an adult. Definitely a meaningful gift for her 21st birthday!

17. We Can Do It T-Shirt

As your little girl celebrates her 21st birthday, she is now a woman and this t-shirt is a way to celebrate this beautiful moment! This tee is a way to tell your daughter she can do anything despite how difficult it may be. A meaningful gift to tell her to never give up, she’ll tackle adulthood with full force no doubt!

21st Birthday Jewelry Ideas for Daughter

Gifts from parents for 21st birthday doesn’t need to be difficult! A gift idea that can’t go wrong is getting your daughter a piece of jewelry, I’m sure she’ll cherish it forever!

18. Swarovski Necklace

This elegant and timeless necklace from Swarovski is the perfect gift to celebrate your daughter’s 21st birthday! This beautiful necklace features a heart intertwined with an infinite symbol, signifying your love for her is never ending. A minimalist piece of jewelry that’s great to wear with casual clothing or for work, it’s definitely a gift your daughter will want to wear wherever she goes!

19. Fossil Smart Watch

This watch embodies both style and functionality in one and is an amazing gift idea for your fashionable daughter who also loves tech! This classy and minimalistic watch runs on Android or iOS which allows her to use tons of apps to listen to music, track her fitness progress, pay for her stuff, and even answer her calls! A special gift to celebrate this unique birthday!

20. Pandora Bracelet

This gorgeous snake bracelet from Pandora is the ideal gift from mom and dad on your daughter’s 21st birthday! The elegant bracelet has a heart clasp and looks classy if worn with both casual or business attire. You can also present her with additional charms to add to the bracelet making it more unique. This allows her to pick and choose the style she wants depending on her mood of the day.

21. Pandora Daughter Charm

If you’re planning to buy your daughter a Pandora bracelet or if she already has one, then gifting her this beautiful heart charm with the word “Daughter” engraved on it is an ideal gift for her 21st birthday! This handcrafted jewelry will remind her how much she is loved by her parents while giving off a chic fashion statement! She’ll treasure it forever!

22. Cultured Pearl Necklace

If you’re looking especially for a unique jewelry to give your daughter on her 21st birthday, this cultured pearl necklace is definitely something you should consider! The gift set comes with a stainless steel necklace with a cage pendant and a can with a fresh oyster inside. Your daughter will have to open the can, retrieve the pearl from inside the oyster, and then insert it into the cage pendant. A fun and original gift that I’m sure your daughter will enjoy!

23. Murano Glass Heart Earrings

What’s a better way to mark this special occasion than to gift your daughter a beautiful set of earrings! Murano is a place in Venice, Italy where it is world-known for its glass making craftsmanship. This colorful pair of Murano glass earrings will surely be adored by your daughter and you’ll for sure spot her wearing it everywhere she goes!

24. Personalized Disney Necklace

For your daughter who is still a child at heart at 21 years old and still loves Disney, this personalized necklace is the perfect gift for her birthday! There are several designs to choose where you can customize her name on the pendant. An elegant piece of jewelry that reminds her even though she is an adult now, she will always be the little girl in mom and dad’s hearts!

25. 10K Gold Dainty Bow Ring

You can’t go wrong with getting your daughter who’s turning 21 a beautiful ring to add to her jewelry collection! This 10K gold ring with a little bow is an elegant piece your fashionable daughter will love. It’s simple but classy making it an accessory that’s perfect for any occasion!

Unique 21st Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Getting a birthday present from dad and mom is always special, especially if it’s for her 21st birthday. You might just find the perfect one below!

26. Makeup Organizers

You’ve probably noticed your girl has started to wear makeup and it’s just a part of growing up. A useful gift to give to her on her 21st birthday is this set of makeup organizers with drawers. Perfect for her foundations, eyeliners, or lipsticks, she’ll have everything organized in one place. The cute marble pattern will look great wherever she puts it, I’m sure she’ll love this gift!

27. Funny Candle

If you’re the type of parents who like to joke with your daughter, then I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh from her when you present her with this candle for her 21st birthday! Now that she’s legal, she won’t be needing her fake ID anymore so I’m sure she’ll find this amusing. This lovely scented soy candle has a burn time of 50-60 hours.

28. Toilet Paper

A hilarious gag gift you can give your daughter on her 21st birthday is this roll of toiler paper! As a dad who loves to joke around with his daughter, this roll of toilet paper will be such a gift she’ll absolutely find funny. Definitely a novelty gift – but also practical – she’ll remember this gift for years to come!

29. Plant Pots

If your daughter loves succulents, you need to get her these cute plant pots to celebrate her 21st birthday! This set of 3 pots is perfect to put on her desk at home or at the office. It’s always great to have some greenery in your workspace so I’m sure she’ll love it!

30. Cricut Maker

Does your daughter love to craft? Say no more, you need to buy her this smart cutting machine from Cricut! Cricut offers several types of machines to cut different materials into any shape and form you like but the Maker is by far their most versatile machine that can even cut thin pieces of wood. This gadget allows her to make her own jewelry, design her own t-shirts, and cut fabric to make her own wallet…the possibilities are endless! I have a Cricut Maker myself and I absolutely love it! Definitely worth splurging on your daughter for her 21st birthday!

31. Samsonite Luggage Set

If your daughter loves to travel and is planning her first trip on her own, then this 2-piece luggage set from Samsonite is a the ideal gift for a special birthday like turning 21! The suitcases are scratch resistant, have wheels that spin 360 degrees, and are expandable. They also have a 10 year warranty so they can last her many trips!

32. Teabloom Tea Collection

Does your daughter love drinking tea? Consider getting her this cool set of 24 different types of tea collection! She’ll get to explore which flavors she likes and is a fun way to wake up every morning trying out a new one. A unique birthday gift for tea fanatics that will surely get them excited!

33. Office Chair

With school and work going remotely these days, it’s so important to buy a comfortable office chair since she might be sitting at her desk the whole day. This modern office chair from Amazon is the best birthday gift you can give your daughter. It’s super padded and provides ultimate comfort and support throughout the day. Definitely a super practical gift your daughter will truly be grateful for!

Traditional 21st Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Getting a special 21st birthday gifts for daughter will make the day extra meaningful so consider getting something that’s traditional so she can remember this day forever!

34. Leather Journal

If your daughter loves to write, get them this beautiful leather journal for the 21st birthday! It has a heartwarming message on the front cover from mom so it’ll remind her each time that you’re proud of her and how much you love her. The journal has 144 pages and has pockets to put her cell phone and cards. A great gift for your daughter to write down all the ups and downs as she transitions into adulthood!

35. Locket Necklace

This heart-shaped locket necklace is a sentimental gift your daughter will keep close to her heart! The locket holds two pictures so it’s especially a great gift if you don’t live in the same city as your daughter so she’ll be able to see you every time she opens it.

36. Vintage Music Box

Turning 21 is indeed a special time in your daughter’s life so commemorate this momentous occasion by presenting her with this unique vintage music box. It’s decorated with the different constellations and it lights up beautifully. There’s also a goddess who spins inside the music box once it gets activated. A must-have retro decorative piece to put on her bedside table.

37. 21 Beads Bracelet

This cute little bracelet has 21 beads dipped in 14K gold to signify each year since your daughter’s been born. A simple and minimalistic piece that will she can wear everyday with any outfit she wears. If you’re thinking of making a birthday gift basket for her, this nice piece of jewelry will be the perfect addition to celebrate this important milestone!

38. Pocket Mirror

This elegant pocket mirror with a special “Happy 21st Birthday” message written on top is something your daughter will love! She will for sure carry it around in her purse and it will definitely be a useful tool to have around. Definitely a practical gift to remind her she’s now an adult!

39. Vera Wang Perfume

Perfume symbolizes womanhood so it’s the perfect gift for your daughter’s 21st birthday! This beautiful bottle from Vera Wang in the shape of a purple heart is just what your daughter needs to remind her she’ll always be your little princess no matter her age. This perfume has a fruity and vanilla smell, perfect for a young women to wear.

Personalized 21st Birthday Gifts for Daughter

There’s nothing more thoughtful then to give a personalized gift for your daughter’s 21st birthday! A great way to celebrate one of the most important days of her life!

40. Custom Wine Glass & Wine Bag

Yes, your daughter is legal to drink! This personalized wine glass with her name makes it the perfect gift to remember this momentous occasion. It also comes with a custom wine bag with her name on it. It will make the day extra special to share her first drink with her parents!

41. Personalized Glass Box

A beautiful glass keepsake box makes it the perfect birthday gift for your 21 year old daughter! You can personalize it with her name on the top and it’s a great decorative piece to put on her bedside table to keep her jewelry and trinkets. She’ll always remember how special her 21st birthday was every time she uses it!

Accepting the fact that your daughter is stepping into adulthood and is no longer a child is a huge step for both you and her. It’s important to mark this exciting occasion by gifting her a meaningful birthday present she can look back on. A special gift from mom and dad will always hold a special place in her heart!

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The 41 Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter | Make Them Smile Gifts (2024)


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