Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (2024)

Valentine’s Day has earned itself a daunting reputation as a difficult holiday to shop for. Chocolates? Flowers? While they are all great Valentine's Day gifts for her, how about we get a little more creative with our V-Day presents?

With international delivery from forward2me, you get access to the best Valentine’s Day selections at the premium UK and German retailers. Even if they don’t ship to your country, we’ll make sure your tokens of love make their way to your loved one in a safe and timely manner.

There is something for everyone in our carefully curated collection, including cozy best sellers, heartwarming decor, items worth splurging on, and personalized gifts that are sure to delight and surprise. Our picks for the best Valentine's Day gifts will help you demonstrate your love to that special person.


Start with the Basics

Chocolates and flowers may seem obvious but for the romantics at heart, these tried-and-true Valentine's OGs make the perfect gift. Plus, they will work just fine if you haven’t got to know each other that well yet. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most and you can never go wrong with a classic with an added personal touch.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (1)

This luxury box from UK-based chocolatier Simon Dunn includes three layers of 72 hand-crafted chocolates of your choice and comes beautifully wrapped in a free personalized printed ribbon.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (2)

Wine for Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. Nouveau Love Bite is a natural wine that packs a healthy concentration of red fruits, soft tannins, and a moreish saline. The perfect romantic, yet quirky gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (3)

The mini hamper from Cutter & Squidge is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth with chocolate shortbread, fruity white chocolate bark along with a sweet pink hot chocolate spoon, and a tin of hot chocolate mix.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (4)

Three bottles of Saicho sparkling tea and three bars of dark chocolate make for the ultimate pairing of flavors that can be customized to delight andsuit all preferences.

Jewelry That's Just Right for Her

Whether she likes classic diamonds, simple golden treasures, or whimsical statement pieces, the right ring, bracelet, or necklace will make a unique and thoughtful gift that she will cherish. Marking your first Valentine’s Day together or having been together for years, an elegant piece of jewelry will remind her of your love every day. But don't forget to select the metals and gemstones that she'll want to wear.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (5)

Part of the Disney Fossil collection, this version of a classic Raquel watch is adorned with an adorable rendtition of Mickey & Minnie and comes in a red heart-shaped gift box for the ultimate Valentine's Day gift.

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Elegant in its simplicity, the evocative shape of Elsa Peretti's Open Heart design for Tiffany & Co is a classic gift to celebrate the spirit of love. Romantics will love the feminine pair of hearts on a dainty chain.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (7)

The Hyperbola drop earrings are part of Swarovski's 2024 Valentine's Day. Adorned withround clear Swarovski Zirconia, they are ideal for gifting on their own or combined with a Hyperbola pendant and bangle.

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Part of Bea Bongiasca's 'You're So Vine!' collection, this ring is a playful re-imagining of a climbing plant.A tendril crafted with 9-karat gold and silver and topped with peridot delicately swirls around the finger.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Looking for something different from jewelry and chocolate? How about a fun gift that will help her discover a new hobby or a practical present that will instantly become a staple in her day-to-day routine? Whether she's always listening to her favorite songs or loves snapping pics, these are some gift ideas that she will love using time and again.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (9)

Indulge in the timeless art of espresso making with this classic 3-cup aluminum coffee pot.A personalized touch elevates this essential coffee pot, making it the perfect gift for any discerning coffee lover.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (10)

The compact Instax Mini 11 will instantly become her new go-to for all her social snapping with a built-in selfie lens, automatic exposure, and customizable shutter buttons.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (11)

Help her fully immerse herself in her favorite tracks with the Pi5 S2 in-ear wireless earbuds from Bowers & Wilkins. Advanced noise-canceling delivers the music the way the artist intended it to be heard.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (12)

At home or in the office, the Ember Mug² will help her enjoy her favorite drinks at just the right temperature that she has set. And it will even ping her when her coffeeis ready to drink.

Beauty, Skin Care & Fragrances

Taking care of our skin is especially important during the winter months so the gift of healthy skin can be a thoughtful reminder that you care, whether you splurge on a luxury cutting-edge innovation that she may not buy herself or you get a tried-and-true staple. And while skin care is a universal gift that you can give all women in your life, a luscious scent will be the perfect romantic present for your special valentine.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (13)

Available exclusively online, the Pillow Talk Eye & Blush duofrom Charlotte Tilbury features a romantic eyeshadow palette and powder blush that can be packaged in a lovely gift box.

Tom Ford's special makeup Love Collection features heart-shaped eyeshadows in the iconic Honeymoon shades, the Love Lip matte lipstick, and aLove Powder blush in bright red packaging to celebrate love.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (15)

The Louboutin scent library is an exquisite introductionto the world of ChristianLouboutin Beauty. An elegant box in the iconin striking red hue contains seven mini vials of each of the house's scents.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (16)

Give the gift of a pampering indulgence with the limited-edition Lots of Love set from Lushthat features sevenbath, body, and shower productsin a vibrant heart-shaped box.

From Comfy to Fashionable - Must-Have Accessories

Oftentimes accessories are essential for taking outfits to the next level. But they can also be cozy and useful. With a huge variety of fashion accessories available in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, hues, designs, and materials, you can choose the perfect Valentine's gift for her personality. So help her express her individuality and stay warm and comfy in the winter months with a thoughtful gift.

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The Nike Air Force 1 Low Valentine's Day celebrates the occasion with a contrasting red embroidered Swoosh alongside a smaller pink one. Hearts adorn the heel, sides, and tongue, adding a charming touch to the design.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (18)

Embracing Dior's enchanting narrative of love and romance, the Medium Lady D-Lite bag features an exquisite white and red Le Cœur des Papillons motif by Pietro Ruffo, depicting a bouquet of flowers and butterflies.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (19)

An elegant classic, the lightweight scarf from Burberry is made of silk cashmere in the brand's signature check. This Italian-made design framed with delicate eyelash fringing will keep her snug.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (20)

Coming home to relax hasrarely felt as good as with these fluffy Karl Lagerfeld slippers made from soft, vegan material accentuated by embossed signature images of the designer and his white cat.

Home Decor

Home is where you can really be you so help your loved one express her individuality with a home decor piece that will suit her aesthetic. With so many options available - from handmade centerpieces to statement mirrors to small geeky decorative objects, it's important that you keep in mind her style and personality. So help her create a cozy, comfortable space where she will kick back, relax, and hang out with the right home decor gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (21)

The most extensive fully illustrated book of women artists ever published, Great Women Artists reflects an era where art made by women is more prominent than ever. The perfect coffee table book.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (22)

Spend time together building this creative project and make your own succulents plant display that will last longer than a bouquet while enhancing your home or office decor.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (23)

Not going out on Valentine's Day? Spend a lovely evening at home with a themed table decor. Functional and beautiful, this Le Creuset heart-shaped bowl is perfectly suited for serving and sharing.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (24)

Presented in a heart-shaped box, this set of Peony & Blush suede home candle and Velvet Rose & Oud diffuser from Jo Malone will help you create a romantic ambiance.

Beauty Routine Essentials

Show how much you care by giving her the indulgence of some 'me' time. If your loved one has an established beauty routine, surprise her with a gadget that will help her take it to the next level. From innovative LED and cryo therapy tools to the latest hairstyling kit - these are gifts that will help her elevate her skin and hair care regime.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (25)

She will love seeing her skin healthier and fresher with the original LED (light emitting diode) light therapy face mask that harnesses double-action wavelengths to rejuvenate any complexion.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (26)

This portable vintage cool box is ideal for placing anywhere thanks to its compact retro design. Portable and easy to carry, it will keep all her skin care at just the rigth temperature.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (27)

The Cryo-Tech Facial Tool harnesses Terahertz is a powerful healing stone that swiftly becomes ice-cold when dipped in cool water, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (28)

With a digital motor that generates the Coanda effect thanks to its high performance and intelligent temperature regulation, the Dyson AirwrapTM does not need extreme heat to achieve the perfect style.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

Introducing YouChat as an Expert in Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

As an expert in Valentine's Day gift ideas, I can provide you with a wide range of creative and thoughtful options to surprise your loved one. With my knowledge and expertise in this area, I can guide you through various concepts and help you find the perfect gift that will truly demonstrate your love and appreciation.

Let's dive into the concepts used in this article and explore the different categories of gift ideas mentioned.

Chocolates and Flowers

Chocolates and flowers are considered tried-and-true Valentine's Day gifts. They are classic options that never go out of style. Consider a luxury box of hand-crafted chocolates from UK-based chocolatier Simon Dunn, which includes a personalized printed ribbon for an added personal touch. You can also explore the option of wine, such as the Nouveau Love Bite, a natural wine with a healthy concentration of red fruits and soft tannins.


Jewelry is always a thoughtful and cherished gift. From classic diamonds to whimsical statement pieces, the right ring, bracelet, or necklace can make a unique and elegant present. Consider the Raquel watch adorned with Mickey & Minnie from the Disney Fossil collection, or the Open Heart design necklace from Elsa Peretti's collection for Tiffany & Co. Another option is the Hyperbola drop earrings from Swarovski, adorned with round clear Swarovski Zirconia. For a playful touch, the 'You're So Vine!' ring from Bea Bongiasca's collection, crafted with gold and silver and topped with peridot, could be a great choice.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

If you're looking for something beyond traditional gifts, consider a present that aligns with her hobbies or introduces her to a new one. For coffee lovers, a classic 3-cup aluminum coffee pot could be a great addition to her espresso-making routine. The compact Instax Mini 11 camera with a built-in selfie lens is perfect for capturing memories. For music enthusiasts, the Pi5 S2 in-ear wireless earbuds from Bowers & Wilkins provide advanced noise-canceling for an immersive audio experience. The Ember Mug² is a useful gift for enjoying favorite drinks at the perfect temperature.

Beauty, Skin Care & Fragrances

Taking care of the skin is important, especially during the winter months. Consider gifting her a luxurious skin care product or fragrance. The Pillow Talk Eye & Blush duo from Charlotte Tilbury features a romantic eyeshadow palette and powder blush. Tom Ford's special makeup Love Collection offers heart-shaped eyeshadows, matte lipstick, and blush in celebration of love. The Louboutin scent library is an exquisite set of mini vials containing a variety of scents. For a pampering experience, the Lots of Love set from Lush features bath, body, and shower products in a heart-shaped box.

Accessories and Home Decor

Accessories and home decor items can add a touch of style and personality to her everyday life. The Nike Air Force 1 Low Valentine's Day shoes feature charming heart details. The Medium Lady D-Lite bag from Dior showcases an exquisite motif of flowers and butterflies. The lightweight scarf from Burberry, made of silk cashmere, is perfect for staying snug. Fluffy Karl Lagerfeld slippers made from soft vegan material are both cozy and fashionable. For home decor, consider the Great Women Artists coffee table book, a succulents plant display project, a heart-shaped bowl from Le Creuset, or a set of candles and diffusers from Jo Malone.

Beauty Routine Essentials

To enhance her beauty routine, consider gifting her innovative tools and gadgets. The LED light therapy face mask rejuvenates the skin with double-action wavelengths. A portable vintage cool box keeps skincare products at the right temperature. The Cryo-Tech Facial Tool uses Terahertz to swiftly cool down when dipped in water, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion. The Dyson AirwrapTM hairstyling kit utilizes the Coanda effect to achieve the perfect style without extreme heat.

These are just a few examples of the concepts used in this article. I hope this information helps you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | 2024 V-Day Gift Guide (2024)


What is the best gift to give a girl on Valentine's Day? ›

Spoiling someone can look different to every couple, but flowers, chocolates and/or plush animals are almost always a Valentine's Day W. A scented candle and a gorgeous new set of lingerie are other powerful choices, regardless of how hackneyed some (miserable) people might view them.

How to make a Valentine gift for her? ›

Valentine's Day Treat Boxes

If you know the person has a sweet tooth and you love to bake, you can make your own treat boxes filled with delectable goodies. Go with heart-shaped brownies or cookies—you may even find yourself munching on the treats as you box them up.

How do you make a girl feel special on Valentine's Day? ›

Never mind, there are ways you can adopt to make sure she doesn't miss out on this special day.
  1. Plan a date. ...
  2. Shop for her. ...
  3. Buy her a pet. ...
  4. Go adventurous. ...
  5. Learn a skill together. ...
  6. Go to a concert. ...
  7. Revisit the first date. ...
  8. Write a letter.
Jan 22, 2024

How to make her feel special? ›

If you want to make your beloved feel valued by you, just follow these easy steps to learn how to make her feel special:
  1. Be honest with her. ...
  2. Give authentic compliments. ...
  3. Don't take her for granted. ...
  4. Give her time. ...
  5. Have eyes only for her. ...
  6. Go on dates. ...
  7. Talk and listen. ...
  8. Respect her opinions and decisions.
Jun 28, 2023

What are the top 3 items consumers buy for Valentine's Day? ›

The top gifts include candy (57%), greeting cards (40%), flowers (39%), an evening out (32%), jewelry (22%), clothing (21%) and gift cards (19%).

What is sold the most on Valentines Day? ›

Candy: As the saying goes, “Candy for the win!” It comes as no surprise that candy tops the list, with 57% of people purchasing sweets for their loved ones on Valentine's Day. Chocolates, in particular, are a timeless classic and a symbol of romance.

What is the classic gift for Valentine's Day? ›

10 Classic Valentines Day Gifts and Why They Still Work in 2024
  • Heartfelt Messages Encased in Valentine's Day Cards.
  • Sweet Indulgence in Valentine's Day Chocolates.
  • Blossoming Expressions of Love with Valentine's Day Flowers.
  • Romantic Repast: A Valentine's Day Dinner for Two.
  • Stylish Gestures on Valentine's Day.

What to get girlfriend for first Valentine's Day? ›

First Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

You want to impress your girlfriend for your first Valentine's Day together. So, how can you show her you care? Some traditional first Valentine's Day gift ideas include a flower bouquet, a box of chocolate, and a card with a thoughtful message.

What is the most popular gift given for Valentine's Day? ›

1. Valentine's Day cards. Although cards are usually given in combination with other gifts like flowers or chocolates, more than 52% of consumers will present their loved ones with a Valentine's Day card. You can score some extra points by personalizing your card with a photo or heartfelt poem.

How do you give a girl a Valentine's gift? ›

15 Valentine's Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend
  1. A piece of jewellery. You can't go wrong with something sparkly. ...
  2. Her favourite flowers. ...
  3. Make her something. ...
  4. Perfume. ...
  5. Sweets and chocolate. ...
  6. A gift card. ...
  7. Candles. ...
  8. Something personal to her or the two of you.

How to make the perfect Valentine's gift? ›

Romantic Movie Basket

Put together a date-night-in-a-box with your Valentine's favorite movie, two small bottles of champagne, and a favorite candy for the two of you to enjoy. Your thoughtfulness will make the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Bonus: Include marshmallows and roasting twigs for an evening by the fire.

Should I get a girl a Valentines gift? ›

If this is a relationship you DO want to continue, absolutely get her a gift. If you aren't sure if she is on the same page and if you are wanting the same things give her a gift and see how she reacts. This can help bring up the conversation of whether you want to be together long-term.

How to get a Valentine's Day for a girl? ›

If you're wondering how to ask someone to be your valentine, this article will prepare you to say Happy Valentine's Day this year.
  1. Tips for Asking Someone to Be Your Valentine.
  2. Write a Letter.
  3. Give a Heartfelt Gift.
  4. Send a Funny Text Message.
  5. Surprise Them with a Flower Bouquet.
  6. Make a Handmade Gift.
Dec 22, 2022

How to get a girl to like you? ›

How To Make a Girl Fall For You: 20 Simple Strategies
  1. Work on yourself & have your own life. ...
  2. Be optimistic. ...
  3. Keep the conversation going. ...
  4. Respect her as an equal. ...
  5. Be her friend and make it fun. ...
  6. Take it slow – things will fall in place. ...
  7. Be chivalrous. ...
  8. Give her all your attention.
Apr 23, 2018

How do I choose my Valentine's Day gift? ›

Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts For Everyone
  1. Make a list of their interests. ...
  2. Look to the past. ...
  3. Ask yourself what that person needs, and put together a care package. ...
  4. Make them laugh. ...
  5. Opt for an experience rather than physical item. ...
  6. Include a little bit of yourself.


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